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I’ve said in the past that Hot Mess Molly is not a political blog. This is a place when I am free to be a basket case, where I can let my ‘Freak Flag’ fly, with no shame in who I am… This is my place to embrace my messiness.

Having said that, if I’m blogging about anything related to politics – you’d better believe I feel strongly about it.

I don’t proclaim to be a political expert. Not even close. There are the issues I feel passionately about, and that’s where my political knowledge lies. Outside of these specific platforms, I have basic awareness at best – which is honestly why I love chatting with my politically-minded friends on both sides of the spectrum.

Liberal, conservative, or anything in between, if I can learn something valuable from you, I’m open to that communication.

If you fall more on the conservative side of politics, I may not always agree with you; but I will generally be able to understand where you’re coming from – and in this understanding, I will respect you.

Disagreement does not have to translate to disrespect, and I have conservative friends whom I adore. We don’t have to agree on everything to understand that in the end – we all belong to the human race, and fundamentally, we all want many of the same things.

What are the political issues I feel strongly about?

Relief efforts in the third world. Women’s rights and LGBT rights. Racial justice. Preserving and protecting the environment. Bridging the wage gap. Affordable education and healthcare. Immigration. Freedom from religious persecution. Social security, disability, and veteran care. EQUALITY.

The man (I struggle calling him a ‘man,’ but for lack of a better word) who was elected President in November is a threat to every single one of these concerns. He is a threat to anyone and anything that doesn’t fit into the white, filthy rich, top three percent of the population in this country. He is a threat to you, he is a threat to me… He is just a THREAT.

Regardless of how much you may have ardently disliked Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton (I was personally rooting for Bernie Sanders this go-round), I struggle to understand how they can be perceived as the greater evils here. But that’s just me, and I can’t burn my brainpower trying to understand comparing apples to oranges.

That’s not the purpose of this post. I am not willing to give Donald F**king Trump any further space or energy on my therapeutic outlet.

A former boss of mine reached out to me privately to share her thoughts on the current political climate, in response to a ‘Trump Rant’ I’d posted on my Facebook page.

This is someone I love dearly, and she’s a perfect example of a more conservative individual whom I greatly respect. She expressed the vital need for us to come together, despite our differences, because if we have any hope of overcoming the mess our country is currently festering in – we have to stand united as Americans.

We have to find ways to make a difference, however small or ineffectual it may seem. We have to be willing to embrace one another, fight for what’s right, and firmly resist what is not.

She’s absolutely right.

Now, if people are truly batshit bonkers, and actually think that Obama is a Muslim terrorist, gay people are going to hell, racism is acceptable, and we ‘need’ the $20,000,000,000.00 wall (of U.S. taxpayer money) to keep the Mexicans out of America – there is, I fear, very little hope for unity.

But if you are decent people, honest people, people with morals and intelligent perspectives, who desire the best for our nation – who believe in the power we’re capable of when we stand together against evil – we must focus on our commonalities instead of becoming further divided.

We will always have our differences. If God created us all the same, there would be no room for growth. There would be no point in the journey. We’d essentially be pod people.

Nothing seems to make sense in the world we live in.

On the macro level –

Why are their billionaires, and at the same time, starving children in the 3rd world who die daily from lack of access to clean water?

Why do armed madmen target elementary schools and rob families of their children?

Why do suicide bombers strap explosive belts to their bodies and destroy countless innocent lives in the name of religion?

On the micro level –

Why do horrible things always seem to happen to the least deserving people?

Why do parents die from cancer, why do husbands cheat on their wives (and vice versa); and why do people who would make the most phenomenal parents struggle with infertility, while the dregs pop out countless babies only to abuse, neglect and perpetuate that sick cycle?

Why do the most lovable people always seem to be the ones who struggle with self-worth?

Why are some of the most amazing humans I know still single?

I don’t think these questions will ever be answered… So, for me personally, I need to stop allowing the sadness of the world to hinder my ability to live in the now and feel the joy.

I need to try, each day, to make a difference in some small way. Whether it’s complimenting a stranger, being there for a friend who needs me, or reaching someone through my words on this blog – I need to feel like I’m contributing to the beauty in the world.

I need to stop looking in the mirror and focusing on every single little flaw, and recognize just how valuable I am as ‘me.’

I need to explore more deeply why I always develop feelings for unavailable men… present reality included. I don’t want to turn 35 later this year and feel the same regrets I feel in this moment.

I need passion, I need fire, and I need to experience more magic.

I need to continue my journey towards self-love and acceptance, so that I stop preventing myself from having all of these things I want so badly.

I need to stop getting lost in my own mind.

I need YOU, my friends, to join me in standing strongly right now.



4 thoughts on “These Thoughts of Mine

  1. Anna

    …Disagreement doesn’t translate into disrespect. Amen! That is what makes America a great place to live usually and we must fight to uphold that. Freedom of ideas and room to share and persuade and grow.

    • Molly

      I can sometimes forget how fortunate we are… I spend energy focusing on what’s ‘wrong’ with America, and need to be reminded about the things I take for granted every single day the liberties we’re born with, while others die for doing so. We can speak freely, believe freely, argue freely, and grow freely. But yes – I will fight beside you for these things, always. xoxo

  2. Kristian Weigman

    I am right there with you, Molly! My blog is also free of politics, however; I have a few items on my heart I want to discuss, and I hope to get that post out sometime this week. I am with you, I deplore listening to the news, reading social media posts, etc… there is so much hate and anger and I have been allowing that to affect my views on the world. I may not be able to change other people’s outlooks on life, but I can change the way I see things. It is my mission to find the beauty in this world and share it with as many people as I can reach! I’m standing right next to you, holding your hand, let’s face this together! Love & Hugs!

    • Molly

      Yes ma’am, let’s face it and conquer it. 🙂 By finding the beauty in ourselves and in the world around us, we send that energy out into the universe. We MUST focus on that to overcome the ugliness. xoxo

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