Plea for Peace

In light of recent, tragic events, I’m going to take a moment this week to simply vocalize my plea for our world to be united in peace.  Yes, I realize that this is an idealistic – and some would say “impossible” – desire.  All the same, it’s a desire I hold deep within my heart.

I understand that there will always be conflict.  In a world with approximately 7.3 billion individuals, it’s unrealistic to think that everyone will be in a continuous state of agreement over every issue that emerges.  What I wish for, is a world where we approach conflict with open minds and peaceful solutions.  I wish for us to listen to one another, instead of solely focusing on winning any given argument.  I wish for us to be reminded of what is important in this life.  Compassion.  Joy.  Sacrifice.  Humanity.  LOVE.

Wars are being fought over religion, wealth, resources, and ultimately, power.  Who has the most power, and how much fear can be inflicted on the masses in order to ensure the demise of any rebellion.  Terrorism is fueled by hatred, and so I ask you – how is it beneficial to approach violence with violence?

I don’t have the answers.  At the moment, I’m barely surviving from one day to the next.  All I know is that something is broken in the collective spirit of humanity, and I would do anything in my power to restore it.  I cannot do this alone, though.  No one can.

My heart is with the people of Paris.  My heart is with the people of Syria.  My heart is with all people, in any nation that is suffering from war, terror, poverty, disease, and unrest.  My prayer is that we will remember this one, very simple truth – we are all connected.  Each life is effected by the next, often in ways more profound than we can ever truly understand.

Be mindful, my friends.  Lead with love, and go forward with peaceful intentions.  Remember that when we leave this life, all we take with us is what we have in our hearts.

“If we have no peace, it is because we’ve forgotten we belong to each other.”

  • Mother Teresa

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